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As a trusted advisor to more than 150 small to medium businesses across eastern Ontario, Dyke & Murphy has worked with businesses throughout each of its lifecycles. From the start-up to succession planning and each step in between, we help navigate you through the necessary avenues to successfully operate your business. At Dyke & Murphy, we offer much more than accounting services and we have a team ready to help you through each phase of your business operations.

Essentially, we’re your financial quarterback. Game on.

Launching Your Business - If you want to pursue your passion by opening a business, we can help. Rob Dyke has more than 10 years’ experience working as a Chief Financial Officer for a large trucking company, giving him a competitive edge when providing clients with advice, resources and the knowledge required to successfully launch and operate a business. Rob will sit down with you and review what you’ll need before opening your doors. He’ll help you set up a corporation and CRA account as well as develop relationships for loans and financial backing.

Buying a Business - If you want to purchase an existing business, we’ll review the risks and rewards and come up with a plan to ensure a smooth transition and successful progression.

Operating Your Business - When it comes to your business, you know it best. We’re here to provide you with ongoing support so that you can focus on your customers. We’ll provide you with year-to-year services which include taxation services and annual reviews. Rob also likes to visit your site in order to get a better sense of daily operations. He’ll also have the opportunity to see the equipment you may need to successfully operate your business and outline how you can access grants for capital purchases.

Corporate Tax Advice and Connections – Rob Dyke works closely with Ottawa-based tax lawyer Charles Rotenberg.  Well known across eastern Ontario, Charles provides Dyke & Murphy with insight related to corporate tax from a legal perspective. This relationship with Charles allows Dyke & Murphy to provide small-town service with access to big-city resources, giving us a leg up on tax advice clients wouldn’t normally get with a small firm.  

Succession Planning - From farms to restaurants, we’ve help business owners through succession phases. We’ll help you structure your business to protect it against risk and set it up for its future sale. We also help with corporate reorganization as well as dispute resolution, which can both play a big part in succession planning.

Whether you’re running a one-person show or a large-scale operation, you have accounting and business needs that we can provide to you.